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impactyn™ has explored a whole untapped market of social media influencers who genuinely impact, educate, inspire, and motivate others. Given the digital era and its significance, it has spotted a pool of influencers known as “The Real Influencers’’ to foster businesses and help them reap the benefits of digital marketing.

impactyn™ provides an exclusive platform where businesses and real influencers can conveniently connect. Real influencers who are already loyal customers, who own private accounts with followers ranging from 200 to 2K. Businesses are eventually rewarded with consumers’ trust and loyalty. That is, through bringing relevant influencers whose mission is to make a real impact.

The quotation marks used as a branding element for impactyn™ represent the "word of mouth" and its importance, similarly to the color red used to attract attention the same way word of mouth does.


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